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Track Name: Cooper
Inside or out
pick one now
right now
i thought i heard somebody say
that they slaved away all day

Start keeping cool
catch some rays
right on
people say yes if you just ask
to borrow a little hand clap

Hello, I'm a handshake Pretty Eyes
Track Name: Musketball
Something in your throat i guess.
Turn the T.V. up
and just talk please.
Hand it over,
inspect knees.
Picayune tricks on you,
they cost me.

I got you a present
musket ball
I got you a present
lost it though.
I got you a present though.
Track Name: Kirby
Kirby was no joke
He spoke prompt on kind command
He'd eat right from your hand.

Kirby ran too fast
right past over-grown stop sign for I-99
Track Name: Don't
Don't feel human.

I thought i heard your mom call my name

I'm coming now


we're gonna play the nonstop hits from the 1960s and 70s and 80s and 90s and 10s and 20s and i've got the eighths for a reasonable price so don't go outside unless youre ready to wake up
Track Name: Crispy Stealth
I'm your friend
let's all get lit
and spend some money too